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While losers hesitate, you start!
Even if you are still working on your idea, it is important that you put something out there so people can express their interest, maybe even sign up to your waiting list.
You need early adopters for feedback and testing.
With this package, we help you to make the first steps to the online world.



“Old website works just fine!” Do you know who says that? People who don’t really care about ever changing trends and user habits, it's fine unless the world wasn’t full of new competitors, prettier and faster websites. Easy navigation and many smart functions taking over the cyberspace.
Let's update your old webpage and stay ahead of the competition.



So you need more than just a website. You need functions, automation, or something more advanced than a webpage? Fantastic.
We love exciting new challenges, and very happy to build and support your business in the digital space. We do this in 3 steps.

Let's build your first website within a few days!


Your own website will get stunning license-free pictures (and of course photos about your products, services, and shop, etc.)
Our photographer is also available (not part of this offer). Text, and other content (provided by you) will also be part of the website.

For: £ 300, within 2-5 working days,
you will get:

-1 Domain name (subject to availability)
-1 year hosting
-Professional email settings
-Fully functional, fast website
-Automated contact form
-Map of your shop
-Social media links.

Update your old slow website and stay ahead of the competition!


Pictures are not loading, functions are not working, too much text, too little information…etc.There are so many ways to lose costumers online. We focus not only on the latest trends but build websites with accelerated speed, smart security, smooth integration, better monitoring, automation, and managed cost-efficiency for you.

With this package, we will reimagine your existing website, and it’s going to be not just prettier, but so much more. You can keep everything you really need but we make your online presence better in every way. We will fix code errors (where it’s feasible) update, or change all the built-in functions bespoke.
Your website’s address stays the same, however it will feel super-trendy and it will work for you and your costumers as it should.

For £500, within 3-7 working days,
you will get:

-Complete or partial redesign
-Database restructuring
-Email re-settings
-Optimised Social media links
-Branding templates for content marketing
-Meta tags optimization
-SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) supporting adjustments
-1 year hosting

We like a good challenge!


1. We help you to evaluate and crystallize your business idea, and advise you on research, business plan, funding, competition, branding, and other relevant questions. We do this consultation in order to turn your business idea into a real solution, with technical specifications. 

2. We break down your great vision into technical pieces to clarify engineering needs.
We create design plans, mockups, demos, and finally a timetable for the development.

3. We build the carefully planned website or other software, using the previously agreed elements, connecting with all the prepared social media links and other integrations.

The pricing and content of this package depend on the specific need, but it includes basic settings. (While we are working on the software, a landing page is collecting data from your future clients.) Extra consultations will be invoiced separately £50/hour